Pick Your Mediterranean Style

There is the Italian, Spanish, and Greek Mediterranean style of decor. Italian is characterized by wooden elements and large, solid furniture. Greek is focused on the blue colors of the sea and the shades of white. Spanish is colorful and lively.

Select The Right Colors

Mediterranean style is inspired by the sun and the sea. The featured colors are turquoise blue and white. If you’d like to expand your selection, go with lavender, olive green, red and deep yellow shades. Depending on the style you prefer, adjust your colors accordingly. You can add more red or pink to the Spanish style, but keep it to the blue’s if you’re choosing Greek.

Pick Natural Furniture

Achieve the airy feeling of the Mediterranean coast with the natural wooden furniture combined with glass or stone. Large surfaces and ceilings further add to the atmosphere, and your floors should be ceramic or wooden. Italian style is focused on wooden elements, while Greek prefers stone.

Choose Functional Accessories

Simple, elegant, and minimal – the accessories in your house should complement the decor style so go with functional instead of kitschy. Add a glass vase with a few branches of an olive tree or a lovely decorative seashell. Decorative ceramics such as amphoras are a great addition.

Keep The Space Open

Of the main features is the open space. Keep your kitchen open-spaced, if possible, with an island. Pick an area with large ceilings, oversized windows, and doors.