Points to Consider When Buying a Bookcase

You need to check your needs before choosing a bookcase. Do you have a huge book collection, a few books with colorful accessories, or a little of both? Or do you have a negative space on your wall you want to fill up? Once you determine what you want, it will be time to go over crucial shopping points.

Optimal bookcase type

Traditionally, bookcases used to have open shelving, and in any case, you’ll need an open shelving design if you’re going to display your books and other collectibles. However, not everything is worth to be on display. Some items need to be stashed away from visitors’ eyes, and this is where enclosed bookcases come in. But fully enclosed bookcases are rare to find. A good design is one that combines both closed and open shelving. You will reserve the open shelving for displaying books and closed ones for keeping personal stuff out of sight.

Wall-mounted or floor bookcase?

Either of the options has its own benefits. Wall-mounted shelves are designed for small spaces and are incredible space savers. Floor bookcases, on the other hand, add some elegance to a room. However, their only downside is that they take up more floor space. Either way, you don’t have to worry as there are more compact designs that offer adequate storage without cluttering your rooms.

Consider bookcases with adjustable shelving

It’s a good idea to choose a bookcase with adjustable shelving considering not everything that’s to sit on the shelf is of the same size. Adjustable shelving lets you customize the storage to suit all your specific storage needs. It also allows you to get the most of your bookcase storage capacity.

What bookcase style is best?

The stylish appeal of bookshelves, such as the Tylkos Type01 Veneer and Plywood bookcases, counts on several factors. For example, natural wood finish comes with a rustic appeal, thereby becoming incredibly poplar as a perfect anchor for farmhouse-inspired d├ęcor. Bookcases with bold and playful colors are great for kids’ storage needs.


Are you going to be moving your bookcase around, or you’re going to use it as a room divider? Depending on the intended use, you may want a bookcase on wheels if you’re going to move it around your room frequently.

A bookcase is a must-have if you want to keep your book collection safe for generations. It can also be an interior statement if you make your choice well.